7 Signs to Visit an Orthopedic Doctor Immediately

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It is unwise to live with unwanted pain and discomfort. Therefore, if your muscles, joints, and bones ache, consult with a reputed orthopedic doctor and get their opinion. Orthopedic issues can come up anytime.

Some common reasons include general aging, workplace injury, or injuries related to sports. Whatever the reason, you should take care of your body and get things back to normal at the earliest.

Check out the seven signs that tell you it’s time to take your sore body to a good orthopedic doctor and make everything fine. Keep in mind that the sooner you take action, the faster you get relief from pain.

1. You are finding it hard to perform daily activities

Do you struggle to get out of your bed often? Or, do you have trouble standing up after sitting for some time? If so, it means that something is not right. It is normal to experience some kind of discomfort as people age.

But frequent occurrences are not a good sign. When body aches and pains happen frequently and impact your daily activities, seek professional help immediately.

2. You experience mobility issues

People are aware of their physical limitations and they act accordingly. So, a time comes when you may feel like you are pushing your body hard to achieve simple tasks such as jumping, running, or stretching.

This is an indication that something is wrong with the muscles and bones. It is important to consult an orthopedic doctor and prevent the condition from getting worse.

3. You are suffering from chronic pain

Typically, chronic pain will last for more than twelve weeks. In short, if you experience the same acne or pain in your muscles and bones for over 12 weeks, you are having a serious problem.

When chronic pain is not addressed at the right time, it can cause more damage to your body. Suffering from the pain for a few days is one thing and dealing with the same for several weeks is not good. Consider professional help.

4. You feel unstable when standing or walking

Some of the basic functions in everyday life include sitting down, walking, and standing up. If you feel shaky when performing these basic tasks, there is something wrong with your joints and muscles.

Moreover, you can test the condition by standing on one leg for about a couple of minutes. If your posture becomes unbalanced and wobbly, it is time for you to visit a good orthopedic doctor.

5. A soft tissue injury isn’t showing signs of improvement

Most of the time soft tissue injuries such as twisted or sprained wrists, knees, or ankles tend to go away within one to two days. However, if the pain stays beyond the said period, there could be an underlying problem.

Furthermore, if there is swelling, the issue could escalate. You should wait for at least forty-eight hours. If there is no improvement, book an appointment with a renowned clinic that has experienced orthopedic doctors.

6. You feel weak and numb in your arms and legs

On rare occasions, if your back pain results in weakness, numbness, or even tingling in the arm or leg, it could indicate a serious nerve problem. When the back pain travels into the hip or groin area, the chances of a nerve disease are high.

If it is left untreated, there could be permanent nerve injury. Talk with an ortho specialist to treat the symptom effectively.

7. You experience orthopedic trauma

If you suffered a sports injury or have been in an accident, you may have symptoms that relate to the traumatic situation. As a result, an orthopedic doctor should review and observe the condition. The doctor will make sure that there is no irreversible injury to the muscles, joints, or bones.

Preventing future injuries:

An ortho specialist helps you prevent future injuries, too. They offer recommendations that will help you to heal injuries and prevent such occurrences. These might include the following.

  • Help correct your posture to prevent muscle issues and strains
  • Guide you when it comes to choosing wearables and footwear
  • Share techniques so that you can work out in the most effective way
  • Help limit your physical activity depending on the current condition of your health


Have you suffered a busted wrist, twisted knee, or sprained ankle recently? And, there are no signs of improvement even after two or three days? Never allow these issues to pull you back from living a healthy life.

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