Dr. K. C. Janardhan - Gastroenterology

Dr. KC Janardhan

MBBS, Fellowship
Consultant-General Surgery

About Dr. KC Janardhan

Overall Experience:48 Years
Special Experience:30 Years

Dr KC Janardhan is a consultant at the general surgery department at Manipal Hospital, HAL Airport Road. He holds more than three decades of practice in this field, and his specialization lies in Laparoscopic surgery, robotic surgery and emergency abdominal surgery. Moreover, he has performed many surgeries like- Upper GI, Breast surgery, Vascular surgery, Endocrine and Trauma surgery. Dr KC Janardhan has attended to and treated many patients suffering in India and provides every patient with the best medical care.

He did his MBBS in 1974 and Fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons, Glasgow, in 1983 and Royal College of Surgeons, England, 1986. He is a member of the Association of Surgeons of India.

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