The benefits of seeking help from a specialized psychiatry clinic

The branch of psychiatry is like that of psychology in that they both help treat patients with mental or emotional issues. One of the most well-known treatments that both offer is psychotherapy, or “talk therapy.” What distinguishes a psychiatrist from a psychologist is certification: A psychiatrist is a licensed medical doctor.

Five benefits gained from seeking psychiatric treatment:

1. Extensive education and training

After years of undergraduate and graduate studies, a psychiatrist completes four further years of residency training. Many go on to receive specializations in certain branches of psychiatry, such as child and adolescent, geriatric, forensic, perinatal and addiction. This means that a psychiatrist has received an extensive education, has experience in professional settings and has helped treat a variety of patients with differing cases.

2. Full mind-body care

One of the major benefits of psychiatric treatment is the complete physical, mental and emotional assessment. They not only use talk therapy to build a relationship with a patient to help them begin healthy habits or change patterns of thinking or living, but they also prescribe any medication that is required to treat the chemical imbalances in the brain that are causing certain mental or behavioural disorders.

3. Ability to treat serious mental and physical issues

While GPs and psychologists can help those experiencing issues such as depression or behavioural disorders, a psychiatrist can help treat those experiencing more severe mental and physical conditions. These include but are not limited to extreme depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and addiction.

4. Wide range of treatment options

Due to a psychiatrist’s ability to prescribe medication and perform other medical tests, there are a variety of treatments available. Some may simply require psychotherapy, while other cases might benefit from medication, psychosocial intervention or brain stimulation therapy such as electroconvulsive therapy (ECT).

5. Connection to other experts in the field

After an initial assessment, diagnosis and a possible prescription of medication, the patient is often required to have multiple sessions with a psychologist to continue with psychotherapy. They also can send patients to hospitals for immediate and more intense treatment. Furthermore, if they do not specialize in a certain field of psychiatry, they can help find a psychiatric specialist who does.

Seeking a psychiatrist

Mental, emotional, and behavioural issues are not conditions to take lightly. A general physician can provide referrals and help point those affected in the right direction. By taking action and seeking a psychiatrist, a diagnosis and treatment plan with a great range of options can be put into place.

When to seek a psychiatrist?

- The first is when you have thoughts, emotions or behaviours that are out of control, especially when they are affecting your relationships, your work or your sense of well-being. Never feel embarrassed to ask for help at times when you are upset or depressed.

- Next is when you are struggling to deal with life’s painful challenges – such as a major illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce or job problems. These issues may be your own, but could also include those of others you care about.

- The third is when the use of alcohol or drugs interferes with your health, your emotions, your relationships, your job or your ability to fulfill your daily responsibilities.

- Another is when you are confused, fraught with emotions and need the perspectives of a caring yet unbiased person to help sort among difficult choices.

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