Questions to ask your paediatrician upon your next visit

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When it comes to ensuring that your little one’s health is up-to-the-mark, you must plan a periodic paediatric clinic visit. These regular visits are a terrific opportunity to discuss the growth, development, and behavior of your child with the doctor.

However, upon every visit, you must have an agenda that should be fulfilled. In simple words, make sure you already have a list of questions to ask the doctor so that you don’t skip anything crucial. Plan interviews if you can. In-person interactions will allow you to learn more about the doctor and their team and inquire about office procedures.

If you are confused, here are some of the most basic questions that you can ask your paediatrician upon your next visit.

1. Is my child's growth normal according to age?

While the rate of development and growth is the more crucial element, it might be easy to become hooked on the percentiles for your child's height and weight, particularly during the early months. You can consider your child normal whether they fall in the 25th or the 90th percentile. If you still have any doubts, you can ask this question to the paediatrician and get the answer.

2. What vaccination(s) does my child require?

Some doctors may forget to fully explain all the vaccinations at each appointment since they frequently give immunizations. Never hesitate to ask questions pertaining to this aspect. Also, make sure you get to know about all the potential side effects clearly so that you can be prepared to tackle any situation.

3. What contagious illnesses are present, and how can I effectively guard my child against them?

Your physician can inform you of any current outbreaks or dangerous diseases out there that might be concealed from your awareness. Make sure you get proper advice on preventative actions that can be helpful in protecting your kid.

4. When should I start using the booster seat for my child? Is it going to affect their body posture in any way?

Height, weight, and the functionalities of the safety seat you are using are more important aspects that must be considered cautiously. Consult your child's paediatrician before flipping the seat around, as it will give you a better idea before you move ahead with making a decision.

5. When should I introduce ordinary toothpaste to my child?

Children’s teeth are way different from that of an adult. The market is filled with toddler-specific toothpaste that helps their teeth stay intact for the time being. However, if you wish to make any changes to the toothpaste, make sure you consult the doctor to identify whether your child should use fluoride-containing or fluoride-free toothpaste.

6. When should I come for my next visit

You will go to the paediatrician more regularly during the first two years of your child's life, and checkups will be spaced apart after that. Find out when you should return with your child. Ask how far in advance you should contact or request an appointment online to ensure you can see your preferred provider. In many situations, physician schedules won't be accessible that far out to arrange your next appointment before you leave. So, it’s better to stay aware beforehand.


Remember when finding the ideal prenatal care provider to support you during your pregnancy took some time? Now that your baby is already around, it's time to devote the same level of care and consideration to picking the best paediatrician. Once done, prepare yourself with our list of essential inquiries to ask at the paediatrics clinic. There are no correct answers because every family will have different needs, priorities, and tastes. Instead, follow your gut instinct.

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